M-CAN Mission
The Mission of th Multi-Cultural Addictions Network, Inc. is to provide community education,
mobilization and capacity building in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse,
HIV/AIDS, mental health and other drug related issues in multi-cultural communities.

M-CAN is organization focused on the prevention, treatment and recovery from misuse or
dependency on alcohol and other drugs. Misuse or dependency on alcohol or other drugs is
viewed as the major health and social problem for communities of color as well as the general
public. M-CAN is therefore committed to educating the public about the prevention of alcohol
and other drug misuse or dependency, advocating for the appropriate cultural and quality
services for the addicted and their families, and developing culturally appropriate and effective
responses to the prevention, treatment and recovery needs of the addicted.

What We Do M-CAN Provides Collaboration,Community Education, Mobilization and Capacity
Building Assistance in the Prevention and Treatment of Addictions Related Health Problems with
Multi-Cultural Communities.

Our Organization
M-CAN is non-profit organization of individuals who are committed to using cultural strengths,
capacity building and community mobilization to improve prevention, treatment and recovery
from alcohol and other drug problems.  

It is estimated that  1 of every ten Americans are affected by  alcohol or drug problems and that
the cost to the national exceeds over $32 billion in lost productivity and healthcare each year.  
Therefore M-CAN is committed to being an effective force for change in the prevention,
treatment and recovery needs of the addicted.

The Goals of M-CAN are:

  • To promote the development of effective prevention and treatment services.

  • To insure that communities of color have accessible and affordable prevention and
    treatment services

  • To develop and disseminate culturally appropriate education and training information.

  • To assist in creating collaborations of people and programs involved in Alcohol, Drug
    Abuse Mental Health  and the Criminal Justice System..
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