Services We Provide

M-CAN is focused on providing the following services:

1. Providing public information and community education for              
    multi-ethnic communities on alcohol and drug related issues. One  
                                of our premier events is the celebration of       
                                National Recovery Month to create awareness  
                                of recovery from alcohol and drugs. See          
                                photos of the 2008 Recovery Month                
                                Celebration in Orlando, Florida. Additional       
                                Activities are the Kwanzaa Cultural Festival,    
     the Central Florida Recognition of National Black HIV/AIDS           
     Awareness Month and the service Crosstraining Project.

2. Collecting and distributing information to addictions professionals  
    and the general public on issues of concern, through the M-CAN     
    ezine, a monthly electronic publication sent free to interested       
    subscribers. See link to M-CAN ezine archive.

3.  Providing  consultation and technical assistance on organizational
    development and capacity building  to individuals, agencies and     
    organizations seeking help in developing prevention, treatment     
    and recovery support programs.

4. Developing networks with agencies that provide services to           
    multicultural populations to increase alcohol and drug prevention,  
    treatment and recovery services.
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